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Welcome to Nottingham Tutorial College. Our provision is a happy and welcoming place attended by children from within the city who have been either excluded from mainstream education or who need an alternative learning environment. With our dedicated and experienced teachers and support staff we are able to offer a bespoke system that caters for all our individual students’ needs. Our aim is to engage our students to give them the best possible opportunities to reintegrate back into a mainstream education or vocational setting. We take a holistic approach and encourage our students to develop both academically and personally to prepare them for adult life ensuring they are employable, confident young adults ready to grow independently in the future.

We hope that you find our website both interesting and informative. If you have any further questions or would like to come and visit our provision please contact us; you are guaranteed a warm welcome.

Our Mission


Nottingham Tutorial College’s mission is to provide a true alternative to mainstream education. We understand that our students have been referred to us for a variety of reasons; because of this we know that with learning one size doesn’t fit all. We take the time to get to know our students and work with them to develop unique timetables so that we can break down their barriers to learning and support them in their development.

We are all on a learning journey. We all make this journey at different speeds and along different paths. We all start this journey as dependent learners relying on others for our learning. To become successful in life we need to move on from being a dependent learner. This process can only happen if we have the self-esteem and the confidence in ourselves to risk learning new skills. If we have this self identity we can then learn and acquire the skills of being an independent learner. It is this identity that we work to instill into our students, teaching them to become responsible for their own learning and decision making.


‘Stay positive, work hard, make it happen’


Our Aims:

  • To transform the achievement of our students and support them to re-engage with education
  • To enter all students for either GCSEs or Functional Skills in a wide range of subjects focusing particularly on the core subjects English, Maths and Science
  • All our students will be baseline tested upon admission to the college before being assigned to a mentor to support them on their learning journey. Our aim is to show student progression term on term
  • Not to have any students leave this provision as NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training)
  • Students with significant learning difficulties will receive quality one-to-one or group support
  • To promote understanding, fairness and respect for other people’s race, beliefs, cultures and gender
  • To create a happy, safe, caring provision with equal opportunities for all
  • To promote a broad and balanced curriculum which inspires and motivates our young people
  • To develop lively, enthusiastic, enquiring minds, who can work independently and solve problems
  • To enable pupils to feel pride in their efforts and develop confidence, resilience and resourcefulness
  • To enable pupils to achieve their best standards in all aspects of the curriculum and help them to achieve their true potential
  • To promote positive relationships, excellent behaviour and polite well-mannered pupils
  • To develop a healthy lifestyle, where pupils are encouraged to make informed choices
  • Continue to develop our curriculum and improve quality
  • Work closely with outside agencies, home schools, parents and stakeholders to get the best outcomes for our students


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